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Vintage Tea Cup Candles

Elevate your ambiance with our enchanting Vintage Tea Cup Candles, where timeless... 

Intention Candles

Intention candles are purposeful vessels of positive energy, meticulously crafted to align... 

Tarot Candles

Indulge your senses and illuminate your spiritual journey with our enchanting Tarot... 

Discover the Magic of Chula Charmer's Creations

 "Chula" is a Spanish term of endearment, translating to "cutie" or "beautiful". Charmers were practitioners of folk magic that specialized in supernatural healing. As someone drawn to helping others, I found my calling by combining my passions for the occult, crystals, style, and spirituality. Henceforth, Chula Charmer was born. My creations, designed with thoughtful intention, aim to serve those who resonate with their purpose. I hope they help empower you or enrich your life somehow.